Monday, January 31, 2011

Van Gogh Starry Night Painting Analysis

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Painting: Giving Light to the Uncertainties that come at Night time

Van Gogh Starry Night Painting

Starry Night painting is one of the many creations of the very controversial Vincent Van Gogh. It is an oil painting that was created way back in June of 1889 while he is kept under the custody of the Saint Remy of Provence Psychiatric Hospital.

"Starry Night" is the painting of Vincent Van Gogh’s bizarre mind during that time. The year before he painted the piece, he got into a major fight with his most trusted friend, Gaugin and as the argument heated up, Vincent lose control of his better thinking that made it possible for him to cut his own right ear.

The depression about the incident made him suffer for so long that made his neighbors in Arles decide to send him to the Psychiatric hospital and it was during his stay in the ward when he come up with masterpieces that mainly highlights subject in the nocturnal setting like The Night Café and Starry Night Over the Rhone.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night is the perfect representation of a man’s agony in battling over the anxiety that comes with the thought of him interacting with the people in the natural world. Vincent Van Gogh has made an outstanding feat in using colors and strokes to interpret the thoughts that are going through his head at that time. Each stroke of brush of the Starry Night has a story to tell and there is no doubt that every effort he spent working at night to finish his piece has given way for him to connect his thoughts to a lot of people.

"Starry Night" is a perfect combination of structure and composition and it is really amazing to know that amidst the confusion and the troubles that are going through Vincent Van Gogh’s head while doing the masterpiece, he still managed to come up with a work of art that has made use of different elements in its most outstanding order. It is quite noticeable how the sharps and points have complemented each other to come up with a new and impressive image, or how the curves and strokes have given way for new and amazing geometric forms effortlessly. Vincent Van Gogh’s state of mind might have been at its worst but he never let it interfere to the quality and distinction of all his works because with the way "Starry Night" turned out to be, he definitely stood by the idea of keeping the contours on his work at a time when most impressionists were already losing it.

Vincent Van Gogh may be cited easily for the haunting stories that go with his name, but no one can easily turn away from the fact that amidst the battles and the complications in life that he had to go through, he triumphed in making a statement thru his outstanding works. Van Gogh Starry Night painting is just one of the amazing works of the greatly challenged man while trying to escape the sinister atmosphere that inevitably come with the uncertainties of a dark and gloomy night.