Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh The Night Café Painting Review

Vincent Van Gogh became famous because of the bold and daring strokes that he used on most of his works. Van Gogh created masterpieces that highlight the night and one of these paintings is The Night Café which he did when he was in Arles back in 1888, after studying in Paris.

Vincent Van Gogh The Night Café

A lot of people may not get the same impression on "The Night Café" because compared with the other famous Van Gogh masterpieces "The Night Café" pales in comparison in terms of explicit beauty. However, people should look deeper beneath the strokes, the lines, and the shades that were used for it because there is no doubt that behind all these are the messages that Van Gogh was trying to express.

Van Gogh The Night Café illustrates the scene inside a billiard house in Arles and Van Gogh has deliberately made the painting less exciting to look at in order to depict humanity in its simplicity and without its usual adornment. There is no doubt that Van Gogh has succeeded in making this kind of impression because onlookers will not find enough reason to give "The Night Café" a second look unless they will look deeper into the meaning that hang about with each stroke.

"The Night Café" may not be the typical Van Gogh masterpiece but its uniqueness has made it possible to create an uncanny feeling that can easily ignite curiosity of the onlookers. He used shades that contradict each other and all the lines he used for the painting seem to direct people to the effect that he wants to present.

The night may seem to signal the end of the day and may send the creepy feeling to the individuals who sense the feeling of lonesomeness at the middle of a dark and cold surrounding but there is no doubt that it also allows people to deal with their thoughts and feelings even better and that idea was utilized by Van Gogh successfully as he believed that that night is comparably more vibrant and richer than the day.

"The Night Café" by Vincent Van Gogh can evoke the emotions of people and reach deeper into their feelings. The painting may not be as outstanding as all the other paintings of Van Gogh, but somehow it successfully represented the chaos in a person’s mind brought by the feelings of despair and desolation, that made every person stay in touch with the real essence of humanity at its simplest form as relayed by this masterpiece of Van Gogh.